Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Another Hero~

On 26th June 2010, another hero from our batch flew to the
communist country, Russia. Even though it is very tough to get someone who are bold enough to
face challenges, through a whole new world outside the comfort zone, he
stand up for fight!

The course is aeronautical engineering, flying to moscow, Russia.
The name is Najhan aka Nashan.

His departure was memorable as several 048 members managed to attend the send off
organized by aid. Thanks to Xury,Izzul, Harinn, Syazmin, Pelet, Muaz, Zuhair, Mun, Sa, Bita, who
dedicated their precious world cup moment for nashan.

To everyone. This is my message. No matter where we are, success is in our hands.
We dont regard venue as our factor to succeed, neither course, nothing except time.
This is our time.
All of us. We are heroes.

'Benih yg baik dicampak kelaut menjadi pulau juga'



  1. klau ketaM dcmpak ke laut pe jd?

  2. pergh najhan dah pergi dah..
    asal syazmin adae kat situ??

  3. ketam dicampak ke laut jadi Mr Crab la